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Mar 1, 2009
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It is not really feasable for me to carry my carboys up from the basement and set them outside to cold stabilize, nor will I risk my back or a possible accident. So my question is, is there any way I can use my chest freezer for this. How long would I leave a six gallon carboy in there?
I would be weary about this unless you could pull any and all other things out of there and raise the temp to just above freezing for a few weeks. It would require a temp control unit like a Ranco or Johnson control unit. I would also make sure you lower the temp slowly as to not crack the carboy from a severe temp change.
Well Dan, you have another option, and it will save your back!

Us guys always thought "shrinkage by swimming" was something to be concerned about.:)

Make your own conclusion!!!!!!

This was actualy about this time last year. No thats not wind chill, and yes that Farenheit!!

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we still are my brother we just haven't used each others names yet!
Another option might be to put your carboy in a bucket and pack some snow around it. Then once the snow melts, siphon off the water and add more snow. Maybe a beer cooler would work as it has the spigot for draining.

The temperature might not be that stable but unless you have a heated basement it might do the trick. :sn
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Could just open up the basement doors and windows if your basement is unheated.
:p I think using a bit of KMETA to stabilise would be best though since you can control that better then nature's temps and no expensive ronco units needed.
Let me ask one question here as many people make the mistake of calling some practices by the wrong name, you are trying to get rid of excess acid right?
Yes that is correct. Silly me I just remembered I put my kegerator in the basement since we haven't been using it as much since I started making wine. I could just slip a carboy or two in there. Wade before you say it I already thought about it and maybe next summer (keg a patio wine). LOL

Does cold stabilizing wine have any other positive effects?
Xanser, I belive what you were reffering to is cold crashing a wine to try and stop it from finishing fermenting dry and although it does work its a little more risky and you would have to immedialtely rack off everything while still cold and then immediately stabilize it with sulfite and sorbate and even filter if you have the means.

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