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Reverend JC

Nov 14, 2006
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First of all is "re-corker" the proper term for one of these deals and secondly, do you think it is worth it to get one of those little deals that fills a bottle with Co2 to keep it "fresh"?

I always just re-cork and drink later, but have found out as i get more into brewing beer, my palate is getting a bit more sensative to changes and off flavors and i think the last couple bottles of wine my wife and i have had seem to be "Off" the next day when i have another glass.

I know the only real way to avoid this is to just drink the whole bottle.
Personally we use a Vacu Vin brand pump to remove the air from the bottle.

The latest consumer reports states that the Vacu Vin dosn't really make much of a difference. They had it in with the wine review. Never used one myself , so I really don't know.
I use the Vaccu-Vin and it works great. I have bottles of wine I have had opened for over a month with a vaccu-vin stopper in them and they are fine. I will say I pump them up more than the directions say though. If you only pump it 2-3 times as the directions say it can loose the vacuum at times is certain bottle types.

Smurfe :)

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