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Apr 18, 2022
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I made a batch of apple wine from 100% “pressed cloudy” apple juice.
I added sugar syrup to SG 1.085 and added pectolaze, nutrient etc.
We were in middle of a heat wave when I pitched the yeast but I was still surprised that the SG went from 1.085 to 0.996 in 4 days.
I’ve had it in a glass secondary for a couple of weeks now with 1 litre in a plastic bottle in the fridge. I’m seeing a healthy build up of sediment in both but no signs of clearing.
Should I expect this to clear or will the finished wine be cloudy?

Thanks, G
Yeast work faster at higher temperatures, a corollary of that is that yeast have higher nutrient demands and there is more risk of off flavor.
The pectin enzyme should cause it to clear. If you are concerned you can add extra peptic enzyme now, it is a protein which falls out/ won’t hurt the wine even in excess. The enzyme is less efficient in alcohol solutions.
Next time you make apple wine add bentonite as a hot slurry from a blender into the wine mid-ferment e.g 3-5 days in at SG 1030 to 1050. The haze is from protein and/or pectin. Pectic enzyme won't touch protein. Protein will settle over time especially if the wine isn't too cold. I'd leave it alone at this stage. 3-6 months in a carboy should clear it. If not you can filter it.

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