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Oct 18, 2009
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I am probablythe only person out there that doesn't like champagne. My son made blackberry wine with it & it turned out great. Now I'm making my first batch of wine ever - peach,pineapple & OJ - using the champagne yeast. Only 14 days into the process. Really gassy. I'm now @ 12.5% PA in the second fermenter, racked off 3 times & thinking I need to rack off & stabilize NOW! I'm thinking in future I'd like to stick to the Cote des Blanc & Montrachet yeasts. Anybody have any thoughts or am I not on the right track?
I dont quite understand! You say this is your first batch ever so what are you comparing this wine to cause every batch will ferment differently even with the same exact ingredients. What is it that you are not liking about this batch?
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I guess I'm not liking the type of yeast the recipe called for which was champagne. I did find out today my son used Cote des Blanc instead of Champagne for the blackberry he just did which turned out wonderfully.

Another thing I'm not liking is the mouth of the wine. I'm wondering how dry it's going to get and just how far I should let it go in the fermentation process before stabilizing.
You want it to get as dry as possible, complete fermentation is what you're looking for. Once that has happened and the wine has cleared rack off the sediment into another carboy and allow to settle out. After this add K-meta and K-sorbate and sweeten to your taste. It's then ready to bottle.
I like Lalvin 71B-1122 (narbone) , I leaves more residual sugar than 1188 and if you have excess acid it will metabolize up to 20%

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