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Dec 24, 2009
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Just got our kit from UPS about 30 minutes ago. Planning on starting it in the next few days. I read through the instructions and have a couple of questions.

1. I am planning on using one of my regular primary fermentors which are both six gallon size. Will the extra space cause any problems?

2. I have read about the addition of everclear or brandy to the kit. This is not mentioned in the directions that I could find. Is this needed, was it left out of the instructions or is it something that people are doing to modify the final product?

3. Is there anything I need to look out for? I have read about the stuck fermentation and will keep that in mind.

Thanks for any assistance in advance.
That is fine for first ferment...and I believe you would add the everclear after the wine is done Happy Holiday Zoogie
You will need a 3 gallon carboy!!!!!!!! When in primary though bigger is better to get plenty of 02 to your wine. As for additional info yes1 This kit has been known to really be a pain. make sure you keep the temp up on this kit till it is all done fermenting including after adding the additional sugar(chaptalization). This kit is known to quit early so also keep stirring it every day yo keep the yeast in suspension. You can fortify at anytime you like but I would do it after it is all done.
Forgot to mention that we picked up a 3 gal carboy yesterday.
So to fortify it, I should wait until it is all done and add it before bottling correct? I think I will go with brandy. Any suggestions on what type to use? And I think I read in another thread to add one pint. Should I wait a day after fortifying before bottling?
Thanks for the tips. I also have this kit and about to start it fermenting.
When you say keep the Temperature up, do you mean within range or on the High side of the Instructions. The instruction say...flip...flip...65-75f. My basement is now fairly cold, so I have a brew box that is currently set at 73f. Let me know your thoughts.

A failure to follow instructions story: The first kit I made was Orange Muscat. Hmm two bags of juice, how interesting, pour them in. Then panic set in when the I measured the SG and it was way high. Call Store, store calls company. Add the yeast and wait. The yeast did take a while to get going, but it did ferment, it stopped a bit early, but the wine turned out ok. Now 1 year later, its definitely heading downhill, I need to drink up the last few bottles.
A few additional thoughts for your consideration

1. Consider stirring the must every other day.....By stirring....I mean let er rip. This will keep the yeast off the bottom of the fermenter and aid in getting your S.G. down to where you want it

2. When you get to chaptalization....make sure you take your time disolving the sugar....stir it up well and then add it to the must.

I recently bottled this kit after about 6 weeks in the carboy...( I was hoping it would be somewhat ready for dice. Needs a bit of aging yet.

Keep the temp up.....stir the must and you will be in good shape

good luck
Be very careful in a cool area. This kit MUST be kept warm. I would suggest minimum 75 degrees and stir often. Do not give up on the high temperature until fermentation is done. If fermentation stops due to a low temperature is is a BEAR to get started again.

I agree, maybe even 78* if possible. You could wait a few days before bottling after fortifying but I dont think its needed. I would probably use E&J brandy.
The following comments are my own personal opinion..

I would NEVER buy a chocolate port kit again.

not to my taste.. too sweet and it was a pain in the proverbial.. I gave it all away as christmas presents.. glad to see the back of it to be blunt.

It's not what I'd call a port in any shape or form.. it's a chocolate dessert wine..


PS... as an aside.. I adored the orange muscat dessert wine.. would make that again in a heartbeat..
This is one of my favorite kits! I won gold at our State Fair with this kit. Follow the directions to the letter and keep it stirred up as others have mentioned.
2. When you get to chaptalization....make sure you take your time disolving the sugar....stir it up well and then add it to the must.

If I read the steps right, it mentions racking to a secondary after 5 - 7 days. I plan on putting it in the carboy to secondary. Should I stir in sugar and wait a few days (or more) to transfer to secondary?

And I just started this yesterday. Smells good so far!
Just stir in the sugar when it says to but dissolve the sugar in some water(small amount). Move to carboy per instructions and keep the temp up and keep stirring this wine. It is a trouble child!
I have been stirring this every other day and just checked the gravity. Oh boy. Still got a ways to go. Seem the temp has dropped down a bit so I turned up the heater (we have a small closet with an electric heater in it for fermenting when it is cold outside). Will let it sit a few more days before checking again but will stir every day.
You have to get the temp up to around 78* for this kit. I dont know why but its a rael PITA to get this kit to finish.
You have to get the temp up to around 78* for this kit. I dont know why but its a rael PITA to get this kit to finish.
Yep. I am seeing just how much of a PITA this can be. Just going to bump the temp up and let it do its stuff for a few more days. Thanks for the help and being a "sounding board".
This kit tastes very good though so it is worth the trouble if you like sweet wines.
It is but its very hard to get this kit cause its a limited edition and sells fast!
I have made this kit twice and I love it.
I did not use any everclear.
I used Classico Raspberry "di AMORE" Liqueur 750 ML.
i put it in after the last process.
Yum Yum...

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