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Jun 15, 2010
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central Nebraska
I live in a small town in central Nebr. We lost water pressure and the town chlorined the water. Tried to make a yeast starter. My question is will the chlorine stop the yeast from reproducing and do you have to let the water sit to get the chlorine out? Normally our water is just ground water and it lets everything get started. This mornings starter fizzled. Kinda tried to start but completely quit. Gotta get it started as my 24 lbs of strawberries are already in the primary bucket. Oh yeah, am new here but have been doin the wine thing for a while, just never had to deal with chlorinated water before. Thanks, Arne
I have read that there are two ways to chlorinate municipal water. The older method is to add chlorinw which will dissipate as you suggested. However, it dissipates in the municipal system as well, so a newer method using chloramines is used. It does not dissipate as quickly. There is a write-up in the wiki article...

You saying that if you leave 6 gallons in a bucket w/ no lid the chlorine will not dissipate?
I would think if you dont taste it in tap water it would be OK for wine. Would not the fermentation dissipate it as well.
I'm really not sure on this... I guess it would be the level of chlorine in the water.
I'm a noob, but I have read a lot about not making wines with water that had chloramines (as opposed to regular chlorine) because of excessive SO2 production ruining the wine.

One thing I read suggested contacting your water department to find out if they treat with chlorine or chloramines, and if they use chloramines to find a better source of water.

It's just what I have read, I have no first hand knowledge.
This will get better. Normally our water is not chloninated so no problems. TRied dumping the yeast in the primary bucket instead of making a starter. Everything had been sitting long enough. It took off fine. Yeast is happy. The starter I tried making still hasn't done anything. Either the chlorine or I got a bad package of yeast. I'm thinking chlorine. Strawberries are smelling good fermenting this stuff will be good. Last years was great and I think this years strawberries have more flavor and are sweeter. Take care, Arne.