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Sep 8, 2009
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I was planning on ageing my wine in my crawl space, thats where all my secondarys are. the temp is pretty cool down there year round but im assuming the humidity level is pretty high, can and how will this affect my wine.
thanks in advance Bryan
What exactly do you mean by pretty high. The optimum amount is 75% and a little more aint bad but if your at 88% or above and youll want to dehumidify the area or you will start getting moldy corks and labels.
i dont know how high it is i justb asumed. i guess ill need to check it some how.
thanks Bryan
Bryan, I've seen this discussion before on storing your wine. Although, as you realize, temperature is important, but consistency on the temp may be more important. From what I understand 55-65 degrees is pretty good. I guess I don't know about the hunidity thing, looking forward to learning a little more about this myself.

The way they are stored is a discussion in it's own. I think it was Tom who talked about storing them upside down to save space. Putting them back in the case and storing them as such.

I meant to ask to if it was necessary to store them at a slight angle toward the cork.

I wonder if I was to store them upright and than stand on my head? Guess it wouldn't be the same. Just a thought.:D

I have two locations to age my wine. I can keep it in my house which has a uniform temp of 70F year round. Or, I can keep it in my garage which slowly varies from about 32F in the winter to 65F in the summer. Which should I choose?


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