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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Here is the link to their site so you can see all their products and specific instructions on all their kit types.

Here is the instructions on how to read the date code to determine when your kit was made.

Cellar Craft has recently returned to stamping the date on the side of
the 16 & 18 liter kits. On the 7.5L kits the date code is on a
sticker on the front of the kit.

For example a kit that has the following number of D27512SA. The first
letter refers to the month, in this case D refers to April (A=Jan, B =
Feb, C= March etc). The 27 is the date of the month. The next number is
the year. So this kit was made on April 27, 2005. The numbers after the
year are internal codes used by the manufacturer.
Wade, I think you may have crashed their system. I cannot use the link above to access their site.

I just used a Zinfandel kit that had the following code: A13112SA. From what you have above, I take that to mean January 13, 2011 and the rest of the number, i.e. 12SA, is an internal code, that could indicate the facility where the juice was processed if they have more than one, they supplier of the grapes, the location of the source of the grapes, etc. Have I got this right?
You are right . I dont have any idea what the later stuff stands for but you could be spot on there.

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