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Aug 4, 2010
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Any thoughts on use of these as secondarys? They are sold by a winemaking shop near my home for use as a carboy.

...well phooey, it will not let me link an image until I have five posts.

What I am talking about is 6 gallon rigid plastic opaque white. I think the plastic type is called HDPE. They are inexpensive and seem like a good deal, also much more rigid than BB.
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Other thoughts?

Any other input on this? This is not the same plastic used on primary buckets, rather an opaque material. Will post pic as soon as I have 5 posts.
Pic now

OK here is a pic of what I am talking about...

hdpe is the same thing they make PEX tubing for home plumbing out of. It is safe to drink out of according to the EPA(so was BPA for 20 years). However anyone who has a new home with PEX plumbing can tell you that their water definitely takes on a chemical smell and flavor, especially if it sits a few days without running. The chemical flavor eventually goes away with use or at least reduces to undetectable levels. I wouldnt risk it if I were you.
I use only glass for secondary. Not overly expensive, lasts a lifetime (if you don't break it), easy to clean, non-permeable to air, easy to view contents, fully inert, and works with vacuum degassing.

The downside is that they can break and are heavier than plastic.

Thanks Minnisotamaker and Kegmeiseter. I appreciate the feedback. I am actually going with a Better Bottle like carboy at this time. I also have a glass one. We will see how that works...