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Oct 4, 2007
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I don't like topping off with water or deluting my wine with commercial store bought wines. I was thinking of using canned gas. Does anyone know where you can buy this in small spray-type cans? And what type of gas?
You can get CO2 cartridges and the right dispenser would work. I'm not sure it comes in a spray can.
Sounds expensive. the CO2 cartridges are pretty cheap compared. Let us know how it works.
Make your own !!!

Look at my article about making sparkling lemonade:

So put a lot of baking soda (costs next to nothing) and acid (citric, tartaric, malic or even lemon juice) in a bottle and attach a tube to it.

This is one of the stories coming up on my web-log in the future so
I just spilled the fun !!!!

Luc, very informative. I will be watching to see if you can make a sparkling wine.

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