campden tablet overdose cure?

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Sep 18, 2009
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to make some rose petal wine. Anyhow, I was not thinking and added a campden tablet and some additional rose petals during the middle of fementation essentially killing all yeast. It is just a small 1/2 gallon wort. I cant get fermentation to start again. Ive added a new rapid fermenting high alcohol tolerance yeast strain...but still nothing.

Are there any campden tablet overdose cures out there? anyone?
Hello and welcome to the forum,

What you can do is make a yeast starter.. basically warm water in a jug, add yeast and a teaspoon of sugar and the juice of half an orange or a bit of yeast nutrient if you have any.. allow to froth.. add small increments of your stuck wine to the new yeast mixture.. keep letting it adjust between additions til at least half your wine has been added there should be visible activity.. then mix two halves together.. that should get it going again.

did you take the SG btw?


I will try that.

No, I didnt bother taking a starting gravity. I put about 1.5lbs of sugar in the 1/2 gallon wort. It is still super sweet. It has fermented very little so far.

I think I had read on another website about adding a tsp of hydrogen peroxide or something....some chemical method of nuetralizing the campden or something along those lines.....curious,anyone know anything about that?
No one here has mentioned neutralising sulphite with hydrogen peroxide since I have been a member..

Have you tested the theory on a science site perhaps?

Acids and alkalines as regards adjusting wines without causing off flavours in the finished wines.. would be a subject of great interest here.

Hydrogen peroxide will release large amounts of O2 (oxygen) over time. Theory is that the oxygen will bind with the sulphite.

I have read an article in which they used it in beer making to start the yeast really up.

But it also has some disadvantages that would make it really hard to use. Sorry I do not have the info here at hand. But it was not really recommended.

There is another way that is easier to do.

just splash-pour the must several times form a bucket (sanitised) to another bucket. That way you will introduce a lot of oxygen into the wine that helps the yeast colony to grow and at the same same time binds sulphite.
That's the way I have done it in the past and it worked great everytime.

ED, as a side note. I made a rose petal wine this summer from wild rose petals(from a rose hip bush). It was by far the best wine I have made so far. The wild roses were no where near as fragrant as the "garden" kind but it was outrageous. I can hardly wait for spring and make a whole lot more. As I just said in a previous post, one would be surprised at what they can make wine from. Good Luck, I hope you are able to get your current batch going.
Thanks for all the replys,

And, I have HEARD that rose petal wine is really good! Ive heard Rose hips make as good as wine as grapes...which obviously dominate. So ive been excited to try it out...New to the forums and I will have to search and see if there is anymore on the topic of rose wine.
I have done rose petal wine two times before.

First time I made rose petal syrup and made wine from that. Second time I made it from fresh petals.

I just say that you need to taste it when finished.
When I did I nearly threw it out. It was like perfume.
I decided to age it and afther a year it started to come around and now it is good. The perfume smell and flavor will fade over time.