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Oct 15, 2014
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just crushed my grapes and had a acid reading of 3.0 and would like to bump it down to 3.2. I got some calcium carbonate and was wondering when to pitch it into my must and the formula for five gals. If anyone would have that information I would appreciate the help. thanks, gordon
Wait! During fermentation your acidity can change - as long as the acidity isn't way out of line, just wait it out and check in at the end of fermentation. That reading shouldn't affect the fermentation.
Like Scooter68 says, wait! I always wait and adjust acid after fermentation and taste it before adjusting.
thanks everyone, that'll give me some time to relax and not panic. I knew that being here in Maine with the shorter growing season and acid soils would probably give me high acid wine, but I would like to get it somewhere around 3.2-3.4. I'll wait and see what happens after fermentation. thanks again, gordon

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