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Aug 31, 2009
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Ok, I still consider myself a beginner so I'm posting here. I just bottled the BEST kiwifruit wine (that's kiwifruit, not kiwi, kiwis are birds and don't make great wine LOL). 23 litres of bottled poetry, yahoo! what to make next...hmmm....
I recently bottled 6 gallons of Strawberry-Kiwi. What flavor..WaWa you have a good one there. Make sure you double it next year.
Tom, would you mind giving up the recipe for strawberry/ kiwifruit wine please? It's almost strawberry season here and I have mega-tonnes of kiwifruit at my disposal!!!
Not sure if I could cope with doubling the 23 litres, it took me all weekend to bottle this lot LOL!!!!! ( including sampling time)
Love to hear when someone makes a wine from scratch and it comes out great! Do you hear that, its the sound of my hands clapping!

i really would like to try kiwi. strawberry is real good. if we made kiwi, i'd have to mix up a few bottles and see how it fares.

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