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Jan 24, 2010
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So I made a batch of skeeter pee and decided to see what it would taste like if I mixed some of it with iced tea. After stabilizing the pee I mixed it 50/50 with the tea and sweetened to taste. The taste was great, kind of like a hard Arnold Palmer. :d By mixing it 50/50 that would make it about 5% alc by vol. My question is, what is everyone's thoughts on bottling the tea in 12 oz. bottles with crown caps? Will it keep or will it spoil? Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
Hoggy, thats exactly what Lon, the original autor does!! Take a look at his site to see ow good it will look in those bottles.

I love the idea of blending it like that. Next time obviously if you want it stronger, than crank up the ABV on the Pee.
Thanks Arctic. I see on the website where the skeeter pee itself has been bottled but my concern is bottling it after it has been blended with the tea. I am wondering if I should be concerned with shelf life since it has been diluted by half?
I'll let someone more qualified chime in on that one. I see now what you mean!

I'm quessing they may suggest a more sulfite but if you have already added sorbate and a little more sulfite at that time. You should be good.

On somewaht the same note, as much as we talk about and have made this Pee in here, I have never heard of anyone degassing it!! HUH?

I agree with Troy, as long as the tea is also sterilized and pee sorbated it should be fine in a capped bottle.

Mine didn't seem to need degassing either, curious never really thought about it till now.
What if you just used tea bags to flavor it and then backsweeten it? That shouldn't effect the alcohol percentage.

my thoughts are...

to bottle the skeeter pee on it's own and when you want to drink it mixed.. make the tea fresh.

two reasons for this..firstly, over time the tea and the skeeter pee chemical combination may change and not for the better in the this stage you don't know. Perhaps bottle half a dozen mixed ones in 375ml bottles as an experiment? Secondly.. the skeeter pee may improve remarkably in the bottle and you might want to drink it straight at a higher abv.. this gives you the best of both worlds.

I was thinking of putting this in one of those 2 gallon igloo's (think soccer games) and putting it in the fridge to have it on tap... what do you think about that idea?
I guess time will tell if it will spoil. I mixed and bottled a whole batch (5 gal) - 10 gal mixed. As good as it tastes I don't think it will be around long enough to spoil. I like that the alcohol is now around 5% that puts it around an average beer. I used instant tea. I made 5 gallons of tea then mixed it. I don't really like the taste of tea bag tea for iced tea. The price is nice too. I got just over 4 cases for around $15. :D Thanks for the responses.

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