Blueberry Port (hopefully)

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Dec 16, 2008
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I've got 3 gallons of blueberry, 6 pounds per gallon, fermented to dryness. I want to fortify and make port. I just got 1000 pounds of canned blueberries, and have started fermenting in various recipies. Can I use the strained juice to make a juice pack for the blueberry port?

I made a test batch of blueberry mead using Wades recipe. It fermented to just under 1.01 (from 1.085) in 7 I guess sulfates are not an issue.

Pitching the yeast today on 5 gallons of blueberry banana. Free blueberries, cheap over ripe (so they thought) bananas....

Slowly fermenting in Maine...
Sounds really good, I am going to keep a close eye on this one!!
Yes you could use that juice to add flavor back to your wine as long as you stabilize your wine 1st with sulfite and sorbate or it will start fermenting agin. I woukld actually take that juice left over and simmer it in a pot on the stove at medium heat with no lid on it for a while to reduce the amount of liquid and concentrate the flavor so yiu are not diluting your wine so much with all the added water in that juice. I usually do this when I dont have the fruit to add flavor back to my wines or if the fruit that I used has lots of pulp in it and I dont want to add all that pulp back to my wine again! I think your going to like that Blueberry melomel!
Great...I'll simmer down and freeze until the blueberry port is ready to process.
thanks a bunch...bob