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Nov 15, 2009
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I started a one gallon batch of Banana wine. By far, this is the worst smelling must I have started. I'll add the yeast later today and will provide more information as I test.

Whats your recipe E? There are a few banana wine recipes in the recipe section in hear that may give you some ideas.
it won't taste anything like bananas when finished..

you'll have a nice clean dry white wine.. up to you to backsweeten it to taste..

A couple of days ago, I transferred the wine into the secondary. The s.g. was already at 1.000, down from 1.080. The test paper gave the ph as 4.2, which seems high but it is still within the range given in my reference book. I did not make any adjustment and it is still fermenting.

I will have to check the date, but I started my banana wine at least 6 months ago (Allie's recipe ?#2 in the recipe section with boiling water and peels) and this is the status:

1. The must was really stinky (only rice wine rivals it- maybe a starch thing?)
2. The wine has yet to clear, although I have used the clay stuff at least a month ago and racked frequently (worried about the stinky lees), so I just added additional pectic enzyme.
3. The taste is nice, but it still maintains the distinct banana flavor.
4. The color is a nice light yellow.
5. The smell is nice - faint banana scent.
6. I am thinking that the temperature (I keep it around 75F) and humidity (I live in Central America) played a role. Or maybe the bananas are a little different variety....

Hopefully the pectic enzyme works and it starts clearing up as everyone is excited about tasting the banana wine :)

The only other wine I have made that took this long to clear was the Lime wine...