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Feb 27, 2009
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Here is my problem.
It is recomended to backsweeten after fermentation is complete. (around 4 weeks I have seen posted) It has been said to sweeten and add f-pac to your taste. If most fruit wines need a year before they are palitable how can you sweeten till it tastes good at 1 month?
I usually sweeten after about 3.5-4 months then after a week or two I bottle. I usually started drinking my wine as soon as I bottle it. My wine is usually very good at 4 months but it only gets better with time although it may never reach one year.
We bulk age for 6 to 9 months, blend, sweeten, and give it a few days to bottle.
You want to add the f-pac BEFORE finning. Back sweetening can be done any time before bottling. The flavor and the sweetness will not change much over time. What will change is the wine will be much smoother.
I agree, the sweetness will be perceived as a little sweeter later as the fruit taaste will nstart blending in when the alc tames out. I always sweeten soon after fermentation is done so that it will clear and I dont have to worry about clouding it up again. I do tend to go a little lighter on the sweetness unlike oaking. Oaking always blends in later while sweeteness will come out a little more later.