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Jun 14, 2022
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I've written a novel about a boy who fights to save his vineyard after his mother falls ill. I've done a lot of reading and research and am now seeking someone in the business of viticulture to read excerpts of my novel pertaining to grape growing.

My story spans four years and takes my boy from soil prep, planting, dormancy, pruning, bud break & flowering, fruit set & veraison, harvest, crush & aging. All this while he navigates family drama and the pains of growing up! He has unlikely but helpful friends.

Is there someone on this forum who'd be willing to read excerpts from my novel? It would be roughly 10 to 20 pages. This is a fiction, but I want to stay as true to the hurdles as possible. Thank you for reading my post.

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I'm available too. I detest reading a novel where the author has not done a good job of fact checking or the editors are ignorant of the subject. Have you contacted any commercial growers?
Oh wow, thanks Vines Bines. I'll pm you.

I've consulted a commercial grower in Mendocino County California where my story takes place. My character is only reviving one acre. My story follows him over a few years from ages 15 - 18. At the very end, he pays a commercial grower to do the crush and barreling for fermentation.
I'll close this request off since 3 people have generously offered to read. Plus last night, a commercial grower reached out to me. Thank you!