anyone find some wine supplies in the DC area?

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hahahahhaahahahah :p:p:p:p well at least out here in BFE ive got honest neighbors right!!!
Holy Cow, if you order from them again, check your house number because they store your address in the database. The next time the neighbors just might to decide to start making wine themselves. LOL, it is a good thing you do not live beside Dan, he would have had it in a primary before the Fedex dude left his driveway.
The DC area? If it's not bolted down, and sometimes even if it is, things will get stolen or "lost".
So glad I moved a little further from DC and Baltimore. Close enough to go there if I need to but far enough that public transportation and ghetto hoodrides (really beat up cars) can't bring the riff raff this way.
he was a litte off on the addy dan LOL! im about 2 hrs from DC :D im in Delwa-where!!! pretty nice area in the country so it wasnt a huge problem, but yes i told him i owed him a bottle (or 2) (LOL)

gonna def need to pay attention with the next order!