Any disadvantages to a fast fermentation?

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Oct 26, 2008
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My primary ferment went from 1.090 to 1.000 in 4 days. This seems incredible but the hydrometer says so. I realize some yeasts are described as a "slow fermenter", while others obviously are much faster. What are the advantages/disadvantages, if any, between slow or fast ferment.? Also the must is still fizzing pretty good, but the SG is indeed 1.000, Now I'm really perplexed as to whats going on.
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Reds are good with a vigoruos fermentation but whites and fruits are not so. A nice slow cool ferment is much better for a these wines to keep in the fruity esters. Higher temps will make for a faster fermentation and cooler temps will slow things down. Some wines will ferment down past where your hydrometer can read but dont worry, things are fine.
I'm tempted to think about transfering this to the secondary. Thoughts?
A little over 3 gallons of Dole Concentrate, Pine/Orange/ Mango.
You also have to remember that smaller batches will ferment out much faster and more yeast will eat sugar faster.
Did you degass the sample with which you
took the hydrometer reading.

Otherwise the gass might push the meter up and
the reading will be off.

Besides that, it is fast but not unheard off.

Wade is right in his statement that for reds a fast fermentation
is good but for whites a slower is perferred.

I would not worry.