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Feb 14, 2017
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Found this site via searching for winekit tweaks; a lot of helpful info so far! I've been doing wine and beer for about a year now and have made maybe 20 wines + meads from 1 gallon to 6. Big into country wine experiments; currently bulk aging beet, tamarind, lavender, plum w/almond, dandelion w/ citrus, and other basic not so experimental fruits.
Currently trying a couple new things: Welch's juice wine but started on top of the lees of RJS Amarone Classico which used Wyeast "italian red" to ferment... could be an interesting table wine. Also doing a yeast experiment with a Pinot Noir, split into two batches: one using an RC 212 and the other using KV 1116. Hoping to blend the two after, or enjoying separately, I dunno! Also used the spent grape skins from the Amarone kit... I really just wanted it for the body, I hope it's not a weird flavour combination.
Welcome to the forum!

Reads like you've packed about five years experience into just one year... Good for you!
Thank you! One of the few hobbies that can actually SAVE money, especially in Alberta right now with the ever increasing taxes.