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Jan 6, 2010
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Just put on 2 batches of showcase selection Amarone with the superpacks. One for us, one for a wedding gift.
Anyone had this one? Anyone had it around for a year or so and how is it?

We just bottled on the weekend the Rosso Fortissimo and it is fantastic, even fresh in the bottle. Can't wait to try it next Spring!
The Cellar Craft kit will be my next Amarone. I think it has a chance to be the "less thin" of all the Amarone kits out there, because of the nice grape pack that CC provides.

Good luck and keep us posted.
I tried a bottle a friend sent me that was a year old, it was very good. I liked the RJS En Primuer better but thats also a more expensive kit and the RJS Winery series would be its eqaul and I have not tried that 1 yet.
To date, I have made 6 of the Cellar Craft Showcase Amarones, and it is my all time favorite. Interestingly enough, just last night I enjoyed a bottle that had aged 3 years and it was great! I would recommend aging a minimum of a year. The Rosso you mentioned is also a nice wine after a year, or so, of aging.
I agree agree at least a year. Bottle and let it sit 3-5 years.
I make it from Italian juice for the last 4-5 years.
Thanks for the replies. The Rosso is indeed good and it's only been in the bottle a couple months. I'm going to have hard time getting any of it to the 2 year mark! ::
My Amarone is still in carboy, should be bottle in the beginning of July. I'm looking forward to it.
i picked up one of these kits and am just waiting for some equipment to free up. When you add the superpack did you put it in a mesh bag, or just toss it in the must?

Has anyone tried both ways and have any observations on what how it impacts the wine?
When I make grape skin kits i use the fermenting bag, its just so much easier. There is enough room in the bags to allow proper flow through but you must push it down every day at least once 2-3 times would be better.
do the bag. You will be sorry if you dont. Like what Wade said very hard to remove.
Great to hear the CC Amarone kit is a good one. I just bought one yesterday at my local wine making store. Will start it today & think about it for 2 years before enjoying it! People have said I have no patience, their wrong. Roy
I totally agree with Wade as to the handling of the grape pack. As everyone seems to agree, the bag furnished with the kit is more than adequate to hold everything and pushing it down 2-3 times daily during primary fermentation will keep everything moving along quite smoothly. You won't be disappointed.
i just started this kit tonight and it is my first kit with any grape skins. I have done eight kits without skins and am really hoping this one turns out well.

Is it normal to be excited about making a wine that i know i won't drink for two years?
I just opened a bottle of this wonderful wine at 18 months and it is fantastic.Its not an everyday drinker as it is very full bodied and has a wonderful aroma but once a month I crack open a bottle and it never disappoints and is getting better as each month passes.I only have a dozen bottles left so I must be very diligent if I want to taste 1 at 3 years.

Danc, I think it's normal, though some might think it's "sick" to be excited about a wine you can't really enjoy for 2 years. Mine Amarone is only 6 weeks old. Racked from the 2nd ferm. into a carboy & added some oak [not from kit], will leave for 3 months, then rack off the oak. I'm excited! Roy
It appears that the grapes in the super pack have expanded. I'm guessing this is due to them absorbing juice.

Is it necessary to press the grapes when racking to the secondary?
yes and leave them in to 1.010 then remove. I let the bag drip I don't squeeze

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