Always an odd aftertaste from red wine

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Oct 23, 2008
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I have tried several kits (of varying cost) and find with red wine there is always a slightly odd aftertaste that never seems to go away, even with age. I want to brew wine that is not obviously home made, but I can always tell from the aftertaste that it is.
The kit I am using is A Wine Expert Vinters Reserve (World Vineyard) California Trinity. This is the link:
I am following kit instructions:
- Racking after primary fermentation into glass carboy
- degassing
- Adding clearing agent (chitosan) and metabisulphite
- bottling (I do not filter, but have in the past and still have the same taste)

Anyone know how to get rid of the "home made wine" aftertaste???
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I have made hundreds of wines but never made any kits.
So I am not an expert on kits.

But could you describe the aftertaste.
That might give some of the kit-experts a clue.

Anyone know how to get rid of the "home made wine" aftertaste???
It seems that some people (not many) detect this taste in kit wines. It is being called KT or "Kit Taste". I am not one of those who detect KT.

It is not detected (or maybe not as noticable) in the high end grape skin kits. Have you tried any of the Winexpert Crushendos? Do your friends & family notice this taste?


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