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Jul 22, 2010
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How long will a fruit wine keep? Bulk aging and Bottle?

Also what additives can one use to prolong aging and how long will it keep after adding those?

There are many variables involved. My best guess (since my wines don't seem to last long) would be a couple years at best. It would depend upon the acid level, sulfite content. Temperature, tannin, darkness, alcohol content kind of fruit.

Reds will last longer than whites, then fruit wines. All wines will improve with age then peak, then begin their decline. It wouldn't be a sudden drop but as you drink them you will start to taste the change.
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I have a few bottles left of cherry that will be 4 years old in november. I just opened a bottle a little while ago and it was better than the last. I would assume five years or so if you treat them properly.
It all depends on a variety of things. But a rule of thumb 5 years at best. Things to consider are alcohol, cork, amt of sulfites, and type of fruit.
Not to mention what kind of cellaring conditions you have. 55* and stable with 70% humudity are prime along with no light and no vibrations. Like said above though there are just too many variables but figure the lighter the wine the less time.
how bout if u dont add sulphites at all? oh and i keep my wines in a refrigerator set at a slightly chilly level :)is that fine?
You better drink it fast before it spoils.
I don't know what chilly means. Keeping it cold will probably extend the life of the wine, but enough sulfite not to be tasted will keep it a lot longer and you can use the fridge for something else. In other words, what Tom said. :b
When y'all talk about adding sulfites...K-Meta is the way to go right? also what is the amount to use...half a camden tablet per gallon?

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