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Sep 30, 2009
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Banbury UK
I know there have been other threads on the subject, and some of you may have already read it, but I came across this not long ago on Harold McGee's curious cooks site. Have a look at this link. It's interesting.

There's a bit about wine aerating gizmos -one very expensive -at the beginning, but read on until you come to the bit about cork taint and further on about aging wine.

I'm not sure abut the aging advice, but it could be worth trying on one bottle out of a batch, then doing a comparison tasting

Regards to all,Winemanden. :h

Here is the UK weather forecast :rn
Thanks for that.
No rain where I am in the UK though and you are just up the road.
Hi Leanne, Are you by any chance a member of Bletchley Wine Guild? I was out there in October judging the dry red class at their annual wine show. I've been doing it for years and some of their members used to come over to Banbury to judge our show.
Our club no longer exists, we had our first reunion dinner last Wednesday, but they are still going strong.

Regards, Winemanden.
A cheaper way to get rid of cork taint would be to immerse some Saran Wrap in the wine (needs to be polyethylene, any brand will do.)

The TCA in wine has a higher affinity for the plastic than it does for the wine, so it sticks like glue to the plastic wrap and comes out of solution.

It's best to be judicious in how much plastic wrap you use to not impart any polyethylene flavors to the wine... keep in mind that the corked wine probably hass less than 10 ppt (parts per _trillion_)... so it won't take much plastic to get the stink out of your bottle.

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