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Hog Wild
Sep 25, 2009
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I just got a deal on aWine Expert wine making kit from a lady on Craigslist. When I went to get it, moreless for the carboy & fermentor, she also gave me a wine kit. It is a Winexpert Shiraz, after reading some other threads (SEARCH: Yes I am learning) I have determined that it was manufactured on the 155 day of 2004. The kit is sealed still in the original packaging; is it worth giving it a shot or am I wasting sugar & yeast???

Any advice would be appreciated!
Go for it and don't expect anything. Then if it comes out OK = SURPRISE!
Toss the yeast and get new the other dry chemicals should be OK but for the price of fresh I would get fresh if you have it. Its the bag thats costs not the chemicals. Since you got it free .. nuf said..
Let us know how it comes out. If it turns brown.. well let us know.
Personally, I would not make a 5 year old kit. However, if you have a supply of wine and won't be too annoyed if you have to toss it out, then go ahead.

But I don't understand the comment "wasting sugar & yeast". Yeast...ok, you're buying a new package. Sugar? Adding sugar to a Shiraz kit? WHY? Unless it's an Island Mist Shiraz kit (wildberry?).

So that reminds me, WE makes countless shiraz kits. Why oh why do people not bother to tell us which one they are talking about. It would often help to provide better answers.

Enjoy your new carboy & fermenter, regardless of what you do with the kit.

When you open the kit, is the bag of juice red or BROWN? Thats pretty old but if it looks red then open it and take a whiff, it it smells like a grape juice you would drink then maybe take a swig, if it tastes good then I would go for it. There are no wine kits to my knowledgs that need sugar added so the only thing you will need is a new packet of yeast so what the heck. If any of those check points above arent good then just discard this kit.
CPfan, new people dont always know there are more than one kit by the same name and manufacturer. Guess just let it ride, it will continue, hell if the juice is good or not after 5 years, does it really matter what kit it is. LOLOL if its brown flush it down:)if its red make it might not be dead.:) I'm in a mood
I'm personally of the opinion that if it moves, Ferment it. If it turns out great, Drink it, If it is good, serve it to friends, If its OK, serve it to family & If it turns out awful, dump it.:sm
Wine yeast is shouldn't have to add any sugar to the kit. If it doesn't smell like grape juice, then trash it...if it smells OK, get some fresh yeast and see what happens.

Thanks for all the advice, I will check the kit out tonight and if it in doubt will toss.
Mad Mike-No worries, always one in every crowd! Only made one kit thus far and added sugar.....I now see, All kits are not created equally!!!

Thanks Again!
Wade you were correct on the coloring! Appearance and aroma reminded me of a swamp that I duck hunt in....Oh well, at least it was no cost to me.