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Jun 30, 2010
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I was wondering if the sulfates are really necessary as well as some of the other additives. I think it would be cool not to have to use them but if there necessary I'll pony up and get them.
Do you plan on drinking it real FAST? Then dont use it. Sulfite will protect your wine from oxidation.. ALL wine have some even the ones that say thay dont. Its produced to a small extent in the natural wine making process.
Saddle up buttercup unless you are drinking your wine quickly.

Pot. Meta. kills bacteria and prevents oxidation as Tom said. Tannin can add longevity to your wine as well. Sorbate will prevent your bottles from exploding because it will prevent the yeasts from breeding.

There are those who do as you asked but risk the chance of their wine going bad.
Yup - like they said - in order to keep your wine good for a long time - get the additives.
Ok, I'm convinced. I'll add some. Do any of you know where I can find a list of additives and their intended use? I'm fairly new to this and it would be nice to have them all in one place.
Sulfites (campden tablets or potassium meta bisulfite) are used to hold off wild yeast until your wine yeast of choice can take hold of your must and it is also used to protect your wine after fermentation from oxidizing. Potassium sorbate is used to prevent re fermentation after your wine has finished fermenting before sweetening your wine back. Acid blend is used in your must to bring the acid levels up on your must into an eceptable range which will also usually bring your ph down within range so that your wine will be more stable and also so your yeast be able to start. Pectic enzyme is used to break down the cellular walls of your fruit so that you can extract all the color and flav or from the fruit and alos to break down the pectin in the fruit so that your wine doesnt end up with a cloudy haze. These are the main ingredients that are needed and below is a link to a place where you can get them.
Thanks Wade it lots of really good info there! So the first batch I made a was cheap easy batch in a milk jug with lemons and a tea bag and some raisins and no additives. What did/do these do?
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