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Apr 4, 2017
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My son is a soldier, about to deploy for 9 months. As he is a big mead fan he wants to start a 5 gallons batch of plain old mead before he leaves. I will tend it while he is gone. When he gets back it should be clear and bulk aging in a carboy.

My question is, at that point can he divide it up into gallons and flavor each one individually? Or is 9 months too late in the game for that?

I'm not a mead fan so I wouldn't know a well flavored mead from my elbow.

Thanks all.
Your gona run out doing bench trials before deciding on a flavor mix worth committing 20% of the base.
But it will be quite an adventure. Better start sourcing flavorings now.
You can add things to secondary (or tertiary) at pretty much any time. I've added fruit, spices, etc, to bulk ageing meads that were over a year old.

Depending on where he deploys to, he may be able to pick up some interesting dried fruit and spices and bring it home for experimentation with mead.

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