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Feb 7, 2010
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Pretty stoked. I just got an italian corker in the mail. Looking through the Northern Brewer catalog I realized they had an adapter to cap beer bottles. I'm going to order one on tuesday. Anyone use this? Couldn't find much for reviews but I imagine it's alright if it goes with the Italian.

Either way I'm excited. I'm going to make my first beer extract kit next week. NB looks like they have some great kits.

My buddy does all grain. So we're both going to do the Sam Adams Boston Lager spin off. He'll do the grain kit and I'm going to do the extract. It will be interesting to see if they taste any different.
I have not used because I already have a bench caper for beer. The caper attached to the prongs on the side and has a magnet to hold the cap. There also is a Champaign corker attachment available.

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