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Feb 21, 2010
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Hi All,
I'm making up my first batch of SkeeterPee. It's coming along nicely with about a 2" head of foam on it.

It's at 1.060SG, and I'm thinking about that last bottle of lemon juice.

However, when I started this batch, I screwed up. I mistakenly added all of the yeast nutrient and energizer (6 tsp. yeast nutrient and
2 tsp. yeast energizer).

The instructions say:

"When it gets down to around 1.05, add the other 3 tsp of nutrient the second tsp of energizer, and the last bottle of lemon juice; vigorously mix it in. "

Should I add in additional nutrient + energizer? Will this affect the taste?

I don't know if you saw this post but Julie explains it very well here .So it might help you decide what to do . After reading it again I would wait a couple of days to see if the SG reading changes then decide if I needed to add more , thats just what I would do . Of course someone who knows more then me will probably give you a better answer lol .
From what I've heard, too much nutrient can be an invitation to spoilage because it feeds other organisms when the yeast is not longer using it. I haven't heard that it has a taste issue. I would see how your ferment goes. If it stays active, I wouldn't add more. I would be sure to stir a couple times a day until you rack to a carboy to keep a bit of O2 in the must. This will help keep you from developing SO2 problems if the nutrition is a bit lacking.
Lon thats good to know about the nutrient and spoilage . So now if I'm in doubt I will go with the less to start with .
Thanks for the replies.

Right now, it's going like gangbusters. SG @ 1.056, so it's moving along. Temp is @72, and there is a nice head on the primary.

I've been stiring at least once a day, and pulling a vortex. No bad odors. Smells good, and doesn't taste bad at all.

When I hit SG 1.050, I'll add in the last bottle of real lemon in 2 stages (maybe about 6hrs a part). I'll watch fermentation, and pull a vortex with each addition.

Thanks for the help!
The nutrient and energizer will eventually be used up, as long as the dosage was not more than you were to have added at the correct time. It just won't be utilized as effectively as intended, since it messes with the normal cycle of the yeast.

The most important thing is to not add too much too late. At the end of fermentation, if the yeast didn't get a chance to use it all up, it will be left for other organism to use it later on. However, in such a case most it will fall out during clarification, so in such a case, I wouldn't skip clarifying, even if bulk aging.
I agree with Robie, I use 1 tsp of nutrient and 1/2 tsp of energizer per gallon batch but with meads I add all the energizer up front but only 1/3rd of the nutrient up front and another b3rd around an sg of 1.060 and the last 3rd around 1.035.
just fyi...SG was 1.052 today. I decided to add the 3rd bottle of real lemon. I added 1/2 of the bottle, stirred with a drill, and and waited for a few hours. Everything looked good, so I added the other 1/2, and again stirred with drill (pulled a vortex both times). I figured I would give the yeasties some 02.

I did not add any additional Nutrient or Energizer.

It's been about 10hrs, and it has a nice white foam head and sounds like a pail of rice crispies (snap, crackle, pop).

Looking good.