A questions about Concord's.

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Jun 22, 2009
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I recently went into the local Lowe's and found to my surprise they had grape plants in 8" pots.
All the buckets were labeled Muscadine grapes.
Now I go back today and found another store with even more of the plants, but now on the stem itself is a plastic tag, Concord grape, but the bucket still says Muscadine
Is the concord a Muscadine?
I've gone to some of the local nursery websites and they don't list a concord in their muscadine selection.
Have I been duuped by false advertising at the first store?
Someone has mislabled the vines or pots somewhere. Concord are not a Muscadine by any stretch of imagination. They are a lambrusca grape.
Thanks for the information. I thought that concords were more for drinking juice not necessarily a "wine grape" although they can be used for wine.
More important is the fact that concord is probably susceptible to pierce's disease. Not a good thing for folks like you that live in areas with the disease.

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