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Lol. Couldn't agree more. And the guys at work all got a kick out of that jobsite picture too.

"Why so quiet? What's on your mind?"

"Nothing. I'm fine. ".....
2 hours later ....."ACTUALLY, i really think that you should _______ (fill in endless list here).
or (and I just KNOW that I will be sent to the corner for this one, @Julie )

.. What's wrong? / If you really knew me, you would not have to ask .....
.. What's wrong? / If you really knew me, you would not have to ask .....

I finally took a chance and guessed that she didnt know why her self cuz too often shes more than willing to spell ot out for me.
Turns out I may have been right.
But after that remark I did know why she was made.
She doesn't however use that one on me any more.
Tom and Brad are two winemakers putting the final touches on their wines for tomorrow's bottling. Everything went so smoothly they finished early and decided to go golfing. On the first tee Tom hits a terrible hook to the left and Brad follows with a terrible slice to the right. They walk to their balls in different directions and Tom finds his in a field of thick buttercups. He swings and misses but tears up a path of buttercups with his swing. Suddenly, POOF, and Mother Nature appears and tells him how hard she works making these beautiful flowers and as a penality Tom cannot have any butter for a month and POOF she disappears. So he swings again and more buttercups destroyed. POOF Mother Nature appears again and pretty upset. She tells Tom that she thought she was being nice only forbidding butter for a month and proceeds to tell him she has extended ban on butter for a year and POOF she's gone. Tom a little shaken up takes another swing and with it goes more buttercups. With a loud POOF almost like an explosion Mother Nature appears a third time and tells Tom I gave you enough warnings, you cannot have any butter for the rest of your life and POOF she's gone. When she leaves Tom yells Brad where are you. Brad replies i'm over here in the pussy willows. Tom immediately yells back DON'T SWING, DON'T SWING, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T SWING.
Job site photo goes to safety department on Monday. Thanks for the laughs :h

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