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Jan 4, 2014
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I finally got my daughter interested in wine making so I gave her a Winexpert Malbec and a Winexpert Riesling kit. I offered to help starting the kits, but she wanted to go alone.

She started 2 weeks ago and I visited after she had racked into carboys but something did not look right. It turns out she only made 5 galls instead of 6 galls, so what to do?

Add water to top up to 6 galls now?

Any help appreciated.
Hmmm. Any idea about SG/FG measurements? Did it ferment dry? Is she going to backsweeten?

Does it taste too powerful as far as flavor or alcohol goes?

Is she asking for help now?

Wine is 85% water 13% alcohol and 2% everything else. I would do a bench trial, but your sweetness is probably the alcohol and a hot wine, and I would top up with water.