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Jan 23, 2010
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This morning is the 3 day and starting my kit listed below, the one with the skins, nothing. SG is the same at 1.094 as when I started, wine temp:70 When I looked at it, I didn't see any foaming today like I did yesterday. and it tasted very sugary.
Three days is too long without activity. If I don't have activity after 12 hours I repitch. Put in another packet of yeast.
Geez, I wish I had an answer John, did you try whipping it good? If it was me, I would get a hold of a package of Cuvee, or even a champagne yeast and create a starter and pith it, seems to work like an ether jump start. You could always do the same with the recommended yeast for that kit. Did you create a starter originally? Did you rehydrate the yeast or just sprinkle it on top?

You should see some kind of action by now. Please report.
One more option, if you have another bucket would be to splash rack it, pour the whole thing into another bucket, vessel, sanitized of course, and than splash it back into the original fermenter. Sounds like this may be a yeast question, so I am thinking repitching the yeast is the way to go.

I had a cranberry a while ago that I played hell with, didn't get going until the third pack of yeast.

That obviously was a different problem, but go ahead and repitch it, do it now, you don't want that must sitting for too long, it'll probably be okay for a couple more days but you need to get it fired up.

How quick can you get some more yeast?

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The only way that im going to get any yeast if by ordering it today. Only had the one from the kit. I do have the stir that goes to a drill. Ill aleast do that this morning. Yeast won't get here till monday if I order it today.Thanks for the ideas.
You will be okay till Monday, order a couple packs of Red Star Cuvee or tha Lalvin, 1118, these are both strong yeast that will jump start a stuck fermentation. At least you will have them on hand in case you ever run into this again.

Use a starter, have you did you, do you know how? Want to help you get this going.

the 1118 is what came with the kit. ill do that this morning. thank you, never did a starter before. please let me know how to do it.
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a starter is important at this point Jon. You don't need to build a huge one. Get your water, I'd start with 8 oz. bring it up to the right temp, add about 2 tsp sugar and a pinch of nutrient if you have it. Sprinkle your yeast on top. Let it rest about 30 minutes and add about a half cup of your wine must. Let it go for another hour or so, and add a little more wine must. You will see the starter solution starting to grow. Keep feeding your starter like this till you have a quart or so of good viable starter. Whip, not stir your must good and simply pour the starter on top. Stir the starter gently before pouring it in. This should make it go. All hope is far from over, we'll get it going, so don't despair just yet. We always talk about patience, but I can see frustration is part of this wine making thing too!

I have no nutrients, can I use house hold items? or ill have them send it also with the yeast if im going to pay for next day delively
No, B1 vitamin crushed up would work, but not necessary. I don't want to try to offer techniques like that on your kit. If you can, go ahead and ask them to send some nutrient. it isn't super important for you starter, better if you have some, for a starter you literally only need a pinch, a small pinch, so don't sweat it. it will last forever, and you can use it later for other wines. Do order a couple extra packs of yeast so you have some on hand. I was messing around the other day and mixed up a batch using canned pumpkin. Well the last pack of wine yeast din't go and I, like you, didn't have any more, so I pitched some bread yeast and used it. that wine is a different story though. lets get yours going first
The B1 thing is something I have heard Wade and others talk about. IT IS NOT NECESSARY here. I think these kits are a little less flexible than a "country wine". A pinch of nutrient would be good for a starter, but NOT NECESSARRY. A good strong yeast colony is what we want here. Thats what a starter will do, it will give the time for the yeast to aclimate to the must. I will never make another wine. or ber eventually, without growing a starter first.
Thank you all, I ordered the yeast and I will have it tomorrow morning. I will aalso read the post.

When you started the kit, did you just sprinkle the yeast on the wine, or did you do something else? I ask, cause I am very surprised that the yeast didn't start on it's own.

I recently stocked up on half a dozen yeasts to have in the fridge. Not a lot I know but it's such an inexpensive ingredient and found myself recently with the same dilemma; a slow ferment start and no yeast to re pitch if needed.

I'm trying to be prepared for next time.

John, hope the new yeast jumpstarts your must. The yeast starter method that Luc posted should do the trick if anything will.

Thanks GM, I will have it no later then noon time tomorrow, and hopfully by sunday morning, ill have some good news to post back here with.

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