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Mar 21, 2009
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clear wine with sediment on the bottom - went to siphon off wine into new carboy and got a bunch of sediment into the new racking

do i re-rack ??
Wait a few weeks till a new layer of sediment is formed on
the bottom. Then re-rack.

Always start in the middle and slowly lower the racking cane down at the end when you actually have a free hand and not trying to start a siphon and deal with a few things all at once.
You can get little plastic clips that hook onto your J-tube to control the level it sits at in the carboy and keep it off the bottom. Or else you can improvise by using a clothes pin or by sticking a spare bung or cork into the carboy neck wedging the J-tube into position at the level you want it... then you'll have both hands free to start your siphon and get the business end of the racking hose into the new carboy, bottle, etc.
When bottling I've always racked into my primary first, them siphoned into bottles. That way I'm only watching the siphon at the carboy and watching for sediment - rather than trying to watch a filling bottle and the end of the siphon at the same time.