1st time, balloon sucking inward?!

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Hello, this is my first time making wine. I started with fresh grapes right off the vine in my backyard, anyway, after my first (primary, i think) fermentation, i switched the wine over to a clean office style water jug. I put a balloon on top of that and instead of blowing up its sucking inward. Please ask me if im not clear on anything. Thanks!
Have you had any storms with low pressure systems in your area? That will cause that to happen. We had a series of low pressure storms come through here last week and I had a few carboys suck the water in the airlocks into the carboy.
We havent had any storms lately but perhaps the pressure is lower. I hope thats all it is! I take it that that is not a sign that i screwed it up then, right? Oh and another question. How thick is the foam supposed to be after you seal it off? Because i put the balloon on yesterday and i dont remember if there was any foam on it then or not, but there is a thin patchy layer on ther top now. thanks again!
That layer of foam is just fermentation happening. Don't know what to tell you how much there will be. Different wines foam more than others. Some not at all. Just keep an eye on it and don't let it bubble over.

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