1 week wine - fast, possibly fastest, but HOW?

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'Youngs' produce a home kit 5 gallon wine, that is ready after a week!

I have one on the go right now, and its fizzing like crazy.

I also have my first non-kit on the go, 2 gallons of ribena wine using two different flavors of robinsons cordial (maybe even heath robinsons), also fizzing but gently)

and I have done a couple before.

Its drinkable after syphoning, and palatable after a few days rest in the bottle.

Does anyone know how it works so fast?


Would it be possible to produce wine this quickly with my own ingredients?
Im guessing that it came with turbo yeast then which is a very active yeast that IMO is not really good for wine as it leaves a citric acid taste behind due to its very high amount of nutrient and acids added to make it very fast. I use this stuff for another application that wont be spoken of here! IMO, this wine will not be ready for drinking but only done fermenting and possibly just started clearing if using SuperKleer KC as a fining agent which still should sit for a few weeks to let the sediment compact so that you can rack off more easily without disturbing the Lees(sediment) bed and getting a cloudy wine. Any wine should age for around 2-3 months minimum!

Are you in the UK? Isn't Youngs a UK pharmacy chain?

There are a few accelerated kits around (Wine Kitz and Heron Bay in Canada have them). They are not well known in North America.

If they sell the accelerator packs separately you can make your own wine from them. I believe that there is extra nutrient with the yeast but don't know for sure.

Personally I believe that the wine needs time in bottle to age and mature, so why rush the ferment. Heck I do four week kits in 8-12 weeks to bottling.

You might be better off asking this question at a UK based forum. EG http://www.winesathome.co.uk/forum/index.php
Hi Danmas86,

I'm sorry. but your post smells of spam. Please forgive me if I'm wrong. but after reading your post I have to wonder if you are affilliated with Young's or Robinson's or both.

I don't know anything about either of them, and I guess I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "drinkable" and "palatable", but my wines are drinkable after a week or 2 if conditions are right (i.e. fermentation is over, the wine is not offensive, but you wouldn't want to drink a glass because of the cloudiness and green taste).

Palatable after a few days in the bottle could mean a lot of different things. Could you tell us how these wines compare to your favaorite wines from a commercial winery or other wines that have aged more than a week or 2?

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