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Apr 8, 2016
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Hello -

Just started a batch with 30 pounds of hand picked Concord grapes.

My starting hydro reading was .060

I don't want a super strong wine - I would like it to be sweeter as well.

If this is what I'm going for: should I just cease the fermentation once it's worked for a little while?

What's the trick here?

I consistently end up with really really strong wine.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong as I follow instructions by the book.

Can anyone help?
I am assuming you mean 1.060. I would add a little more sugar to bring sg up to 1.080. Let it ferment to dry, then add k-meta and sorbate, then backsweeten. Trying to stop an active fermentation is very difficult and you can never get it the same twice.
Unless you're going to guzzle your wine down in a couple months, you need to get to at least 10% ABV to protect the wine. Starting at 1.060 and assuming it ferments down to .990, you will only have 9.17% alcohol.

You can always make spritzer's later if it has too much alcohol for your liking.
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