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  1. Timbo619

    Where to buy cheap wine bottle

    Hi, Does anyone have any great website where they buy cheap wine bottles from? Thanks!
  2. DCTWinemaker

    My First Bottling!

    Completed my first bottling, a Winexpert Cabernet Sauvignon Lodi II. In retrospect, I wish I had purchased new bottles. I saved my used wine bottles for about 6 months. Only thing I didn't count on was the variety of bottle shapes. I used a 3 1/2" x 5" label, which didn't work well with...
  3. Rusty Nesmith

    Wine bottles

    I am sure most of you know but I thought I would post this for somebody new like me. I went down to Olive Garden and asked them about their empty wine bottles. The manager said they throw them away. I told her I am starting to make wine and would like to get some if I could. She took my name and...
  4. K

    free wine bottles

    100 bottles for wine in my shed, 100 bottles for wine... free for p/u in Charleston, SC
  5. K

    wine bottle bargain

    I have 100+ wine bottles for winemaker, crafter, hobbyist. If not useful for nectar of grape, think wind chimes, coasters, mugs, candles, fence decorators, etc. For local Charleston SC pick up only. 50 cents each Tuesday is recycle day here so act now!
  6. jwkbrown

    Type of bottles

    Hi All, I am fairly new to wine making. I have a few kits under my belt but I have been making fruit wines. I have some different types of bottles and want some feedback for best type to use for wine. I have regular wine bottles that use corks but don’t have enough for all batches. I just...
  7. J

    160+ free wine bottles available - Baltimore area

    Cab and burgundy shaped bottles...please come get them out of my garage! Thanks, John
  8. D

    750ml Bottles - Green or Clear - $6.99 per case of 12

    Item now sold out
  9. D

    For Sale-375 mL Matte Black wine bottles

    I have 44,000 beautiful bordeau style 1/2 bottles with food-grade matte black coating with 28/400 threaded opening. Very sophisticated... perfect for something mysterious. Will sell all or part. Cost 60¢, will sell for 30¢ + shipping.