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    got apples now what

    now I know why she GAVE THEM to me , they were full of worms , I had to get red of them not her
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    How to develop a more educated palate?

    OK now I get what your after , sorry guess I should have said it another way ,,, to start out I never had that type of Palate ,, I never went that deep when tasting , (when I could taste) and now that I think about it I should have never posted in this thread ,, nothing against you ,,as I...
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    How to develop a more educated palate?

    my self ,,to me I do not care if joe down the street likes or dislikes my wine ,, I only care if me and the wife like the flavor ,,, if the kids like it fine if not fine ,, my wine is made for the two of us ,, cause 300 can taste it and to each one it will taste different ,, so I make ours...
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    got apples now what

    I got 7 big bags of apples today ( free ) have no crusher so what is the best way the make wine from the apples , you know get the juice out
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    Using jelly to make wine

    i have made jelly wine if I were you I would add some pectic enzyme ,,
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    Damn addictive hobby :)

    just cause you bottle 75 does not mean you have to set down and drink 75 in 75 days ,,,, they may get better with age ,,, I made more then we would drink but now every thing but the wine is taking ALL my time ,,, so nothing much was been made for a year ,,,,, I have made 2 gal this...
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    How many carboys do you have?

    6 5 gal glass ,,, 10 4 and a half gal plastic went to a garage sale and the lady wanted 35 cents each :i , 1 20 gal plastic pail ,, 10 5 gal pails
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    Damn addictive hobby :)

    wait until you have a 1000 bottles in you wine cellar and you are still making wine before you say it is addictive!!!!! that does not take long ,,,,,, I make very little and I have well over 200
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    Tips and helpful info

    as popular as a fart in a spacesuit now that is a new one ,,, what I do is ,,, read here and try what sounds like will work for how I do things , ,,,,,,, because if you knew what/how I do things you would shake your head and say he's nutty er then a fruit cake ..... but I do it...
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    at last wood ticks are out

    Dunno what this has to do with wine making, for me ,,it has a lot ,,, in the summer I take the wine that I am making out side any mess get cleaned up with the garden hose .. I have hot water piped out , sink , 4 burners ,, fridg ,, freezer so every thing I have in the house I have out side
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    When did you get serious about labels?

    I find that if I don't label the wine, it's not "finished". I really enjoy the process of imagining and creating the labels, and I have my own strange 'style' which makes me and a select few other laugh when they get the joke. I would like to see one of your labels ,,, I like the way you...
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    When did you get serious about labels?

    all I do is copy the kind of wine ,, paste in a row ,,, cut ,,, and school glue to the bottle ,, if they don't like the label ,,, they don't get bottle or a taste of the wine ...... I tell them go buy a bottle that has a label on it they like ... I have more to do and on my mind then...
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    Sweet Tea Wine

    was just thinking .... there should be very little settlement , so it should clear fast ,,,, thats a plus .... :b
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    Sweet Tea Wine

    Sweet Tea Wine !!!!!!! now that is one we will be trying this summer ,,,, Sweet Tea Wine ,,,,,, what tea would be best ???? green ?? black ??? herbal ???????? mint ??? green or black mint ????
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    1 gallon recipes, hard to find!!!!

    only made 1 gal once ,,,, most times 5 gal ,, have made 10 ,15, 20 most times the 10 ,, dont use recipes ,, just look at one then just throw stuff together ,,