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    First Racking

    God I love my 6 1/2 gallon carboy
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    Mead for beginners.

    I use d 47 in a lot of mead and have not had a problem .....YET. But my PH, nutrients, temp, and O2 (early are always right
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    How do I get rid of the overdose?

    your kinda out of luck. sorbate does not dissipate out. could make 3 more batches and blend them. Up side to that is look at all the pee you would have to drink
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    Enforcement of 200 gallon rule?

    I have not gone over that amount in years. Only because I have been busy with other project. Think I will be a lot over this year cause its only February and the fermenters have been full sine New Years
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    When is wine finished fermenting????

    Yes I rack off the lees, but if it is only a little no. I do use Sparkaloid and Bentonite to help clearing. That way I dont have to rack as much. Every racking you lose winer to the wine gods and they are thirsty bastards
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    Primary fermentation

    I prefer Labrador hair
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    Apple Pie Moonshine 2...are a better one.

    Exacly how I do it
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    Coconut wine?

    First squeeze organic coconut milk is sold at most coops. There is a new one in Tacoma that has it. It aint cheap. I pay 3.50 for 12 oz can. I am thinking flacked meat would work better and cost less. Most is sweetened. Now I think I will go have a piece of coconut cream pie
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    WineXpert Bulk Aging

    I just age in Corny kegs now. Fill. pressurize with CO2 . Bleed out O2. Never leaks. Don't need to fill air locks. N0 O2 exposure during aging. No light.stack nice in closet. If they fall over, no big deal. If I drop it, no big deal. This is perfect for my needs
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    Can I ferment a 6g WE kit in a 6g carboy?

    All my fermentor have scratches. Never a problem
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    acid meter

    Here's mine. Went thought a lot of cheap one before giving up and buying this one. It 5 years old now. It also does PPM /dissolved solids
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    Blackberry cabernet

    I used Cab skin pack in Blackberry wine I was making and it turned out real good. I added blackberries to a cab batch and it turned out good too.
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    First Mead

    Mead heads LOLOL. We should have shirts
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    RJ Spagnols I finally bought an RJS kit!!

    No discount last week, GO Seahawks
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    Can I ferment a 6g WE kit in a 6g carboy?

    O and that is not enough head room