Yoshino Cherry Wine/Champagne Recipe?

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Nov 25, 2008
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We have a Yoshino Cherry tree that is just about ready to be picked. We'd like to make a six gallon batch of wine or champagne with the cherries. Does anyone have a recipe? Should we pit the cherries? Puree them? We have a Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast we were thinking about using. Any advice would be appreciated!
We picked about 10 or so pounds, cut off any bad parts, and kept the pits in and halved the cherries. Should I include the juice as weight?
Hiya rymily..

.. did you find a recipe online? Having never done cherry wine myself.. I had thought someone might jump in with a recipe for you here..

Cherry wine recipe

Found this recipe in a book at a brew shop.

* 6 pounds dark or sour cherries, halved, with pits
* 18 pounds clover honey
* 6 tablespoons acid blend
* 6 teaspoons pectic enzyme
* 6 campden tables
* 6 teaspoons yeast nutrient
* 9 cups orange juice
* Champagne yeast

It seems like a small amount of cherries for a 6 gallon batch. Any thoughts?

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