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  1. JuiceMan

    Cherry Wine Info is having a very short Cherry Juice Concentrate sale for wineries. 68 brix, nothing added and cold filled for better fermentation. $6.00 per quart ($24.00 per gallon). Not advertised on their site. You have to call toll free at 1-877-591-3101 - ask for Ken
  2. F

    New WineMaker

    I was wondering if anybody has tips about making fruit wines. I am planning on making a cherry wine and was thinking about oaking the juice. What is the ideal way to make a sweet cherry wine with some flavor and what type of cherries are the best for use? I am planning on making a white peach...
  3. rymily

    Yoshino Cherry Wine/Champagne Recipe?

    We have a Yoshino Cherry tree that is just about ready to be picked. We'd like to make a six gallon batch of wine or champagne with the cherries. Does anyone have a recipe? Should we pit the cherries? Puree them? We have a Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast we were thinking about using. Any...