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Nov 7, 2009
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Alright, I hate to ask it but I couldn't find much on this specific question.

So 11/2 I proceeded to manually degas my Pinot Grigio. After about 10 minutes, I added packets 2-3, degassed again and then added the clarifying agent (cant remember what it's called but I'm sure you're all familiar with the kit). After packet 4 I again degassed which totaled about 30 minutes of vigorously stirring back and forward.

The carboy temperature sits around 72-75.

So here's the question. It's been a short while and I know the instructions say wait 14 days, however, reading this forum I see a lot of people are able to have the wine clear in just a few days. I'm into day 6 and I don't think the color or clarity has changed at all. What factors play into clearing the wine? Why does mine look like it's going to be a slow process compared to others that did it over night?

Lastly, if the wine were to not clear after the 14 days + 7 more days per instructions, what actions would you take?

I have had problems with the fining agents included with W.E. and they are aware of it and have sent out a second packet of Chitosan ( I think thats what it was they sent me). Youll have to give it more time then what they stsate on papre as sometimes it just takes longer. I no longer use the fining agents included and either just let time do its thing or if Im in a rush and need the carboy I use SuperKleer KC which works way better and faster. I typically only use it now on stubborn wines that just wont clear with plenty of times which are usually wines like dandelion or apple.
I've read that. Does it make the wine taste different by adding another packet of clearing agents?

I'm not looking to add anything until the time expires on the directions. If I don't see any signs then, I think I'll look into an additional packet.

If one were to not add any clearing agents at all, time would eventually clear the wine right?
Time is the best method and almost always works but there are a few like I said that may not. Fining agents will just settle out leaving no taste at all behind. If they work and you needed to use more for some reason like you added something after clearing then multiple finingswill strip some color and even flavor though.
Day 14

Here are three pictures of where I stand. The first two is of the carboy pushed up against my white wall. The third picture is a magazine behind the carboy. It’s supposed to be a picture of a peace sign.

I'm going to let it g
o 7 more days but after that I'm ready to add more clarifier that I received from the wine company.

What do you think?



Sorry for the delay. All new members are moterated for attachments. you are all set now.
What temp is it and what kind of wine?
I would suggest to find some super kleer it's a 2 part clearing agent. You may want to degas again
Hey no problem on the delay.

The wine is a Pinot Grigio and its sitting at a constant 74 degrees.

I don't mind it sitting for another 7 days but I have feeling that not much is going to happen in that duration of time. Like I mentioned, I have the new packet of clearing agent from the winery but I'm scared to stir all the stuff up again. The directions were to add half the packet. Does the previous packet I used originally still work if I were to stir up the carboy?
degasing is going to be hard with that small of head space. Take alittle out to make room for boubles. I haver a strawberry clearing slow but it is clearing . I know I am not the only one who puts a light behind the carboy to see the levels of clearing. Also try keeping it alittle cooler. But not before you degas.
All have good advise here. I've had some problems with my Pinto Gridios in the past.
Remember my 3 "P's" ?
You can't rush winemaking. :dg
Yea I'm thinking of starting to play with the temperature. I guess my problem is I'm not patient, haha, oh well. I'm just being a noob.

I would love to just pour the clearing agent in and not mix it. Maybe it will take the stuff with it to the bottom, haha. But I'll refrain.
All new B's are like you. Once you get a "stash" in the cellar it will come. Example is today I bottled a 6 gallon batch of Amarone and Brunello. I started it LAST September. 13 months aging ! :try:try
Is it just the pic is does it look like gold flakes in the wine. I have never seen this before.
All new B's are like you. Once you get a "stash" in the cellar it will come. Example is today I bottled a 6 gallon batch of Amarone and Brunello. I started it LAST September. 13 months aging ! :try:try

Yea, I wish I had the will power. I'm just excited and rather be drinking than looking at it. But, yes, after this batch I want to store one away for a while. Exciting about that 13 months!

Is it just the pic is does it look like gold flakes in the wine. I have never seen this before.

It has a gold color to it, reminds me of apple juice color. There are no gold flakes, probably a camera effect.
So I've been talking with the owner of the brewing store and he recommend I filter my wine. So today I borrowed his filter pump and filters and proceeded to finish clearing my wine.

Everything worked out really well. The wine was crystal clear so I went ahead and bottled. While in the middle of it, I poured myself a glass. At first it was very good but after it sat for a while (maybe 5 minutes), the taste started to fade away and it became more "watered down" so to speak. It just didn't have the kick that it did in the beginning.

Is this something that comes with age? Will it have more body after a while?


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It will come around again. It was introduced to pressure and 02 and like just bottling a wine it got shocked and needs to recover from this. This is why right after bottling a wine it is recommend to give it a month or 2 to settle back down, this is known as ottle shock.

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