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Sep 15, 2009
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Could someone answer the following for me?

When and if should Yeast Starter and Yeast Energizer be added when making wine?

Is Yeast Energized considered vitamins when making wine?

Generally, when should these 2 ingredients be used? Any restrictions?
No restrictions except not to exceed the recommended dosage much. Im assuming you mean yeast Nutrient and yeast Energizer. I use both on every batch I make and use them in the beginning when starting the must. Tough batches like Blueberry and mead i add the nutrient in 3 stages to help fermentation finish. Yeast Nutrient adds some minerals like phosphate and Magnesium Sulfate while Energizer can add some of this to and additional items such as vitamin B Complex and Yeast hulls.
Hello and welcome to the forum Tom3k,

What are you making?

Nothing, but this just general info that I'm trying to get for blog writing purposes.
heheh ok..

I'm sure we'll eventually have you hooked on making wine!

Allie you are catching up to me with all those you have listed in your signature. LOL !

Oh im for sure--hooked on making wine since iv starterd im trying to ferment everything i can find LOL