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Dec 16, 2008
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Any recommendations for yeast for most fruit wines?

I've got elderberries, chokecherries, and concord grapes in the freezer, and cans of pineapple waiting....
The buckets of apples are starting to pile up. I've used different yeasts...and wondering what folks like..or dislike.

I prefer EC1118 the lalvin champagne yeast for fruit wines.

I prefer Red Star Cotes Des Blanc for most light colored fruit wines and Pastuer Red for the darker fruit wines.
Yep, Red Star Cote des Blancs here for all my fruit wines.
I prefer the lalvin EC1118 champagne yeast. It's bullet proof, I never had it fail.
Do a search for "Jack Keller Yeast Strains". You should come up with the following page

I'm not sure about the availablility of the Red Star strains, but only five Lalvin yeasts are packaged for the home wine maker by Lalvin (EC-1118, RC-212, K1-V1116, ICV-D47, 71B-1122). Some retailers re-package other strains.

So figure out which strains are available to you, and study the descriptions. I saved the descriptions of the five Lalvins (because those were the one readily available where I lived ih BC) in a Word file. Then I could search for the specific fruit. EG blackberries comes up with RC-212.

Thats then only fruit that I use Lalvin on but I use KV-1116 cause it helps eat up some of the excess malic acid that blackberries are high in.

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