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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Here is the main link to their sire to see all their products and also specific instructions for each of the kit types.

Here is the instructions on how to read the code to determine when your kit was made.


They break down like this: 00/195/07 0267

00 The first two digits are for internal use: ignore.

195 The next three digits indicate the day it was produced, in this case
the 195th day of the year, which is July 14.

07 The next two digits are the last two digits of the year, in this case

0267 The last four digits show which particular kit of that batch this
kit is: in this case, the 267th kit out of about 600.
Wade, I haven't used your site, or made any wine in many years. Could you please tell me if the WineExpert kits are still available through the Toy Store?Cove Cottage
No they are not its Georges site, I and a few others just help him run it. George carries RJS, Mosti Mondiale, and Cellar Craft and in my opinion for the most part these are equal or better quality kits.
Thanks for the information. They just happen to have a California Chard that I have made in the past and liked the results.

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