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Jun 8, 2008
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Has anyone obtained extra juice from a winery and made their own? I think I have read something about this before but can't find the thread.
There is a winery named Snus (after a cat) close by, very good wine by the way, not sure of the types they will have left over to sell, was wondering if worth it to make at home.

If I don't respond back itis because on much needed vacation for a weekin Minnesota ya hoo.

Will read when get back home, if any replies.

Thanks in advance.
The wineries near me make a decent amount of money in the fall by selling extra juice. Try calling the winery and see if they will sell you some juice.

Joan said:

The absolute best fruit wine (heck probably best of any wine)I have ever drank in my life was made by a member here with a pail ofblackberry juice from Walkers. Definitely top quality juice and I wouldn't think twice about using their product.
I've bought raw grapes from wineries twice now. One is currently underway, and the other was magnificent (if I do toot my own horn a little) :)

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