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May 5, 2022
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We used to have a great shop in Corvallis, but they closed. I can get anything I need online, but the shipping can be brutal. Any other local shops? This may not be the right place, but it seemed as good as any.
Thanks for the info. Do you like it better than FB Stienbart? I have not been to either.
Actually I have not yet been to either. But I want to visit Main Brew soon because that is closest to my house.

I have been ordering the smaller stuff online and having it shipped to my house (Amazon Prime free shipping). Big stuff like bottles and carboys I try to get locally because of the shipping cost. I watch Craig's List for people selling stuff. There is a guy in SE Portland who regularly advertises there. He sold me several cases of brand new bottles that he got from a winery that no longer needed them. He also has used bottles and carboys, all very clean.

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