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Dec 28, 2008
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So I currently have something like this from Ikea which holds individual bottles. mine is only half the size though.

As I'm about to make a lot more wine I need to store and age it I was considering going the route of the diamond cubes, say one that holds 200 bottles or so such as:

What does anyone recommend? The diamond cubes look somewhat flimsy and I'm sure would need to be attached to the wall somehow. Any thoughts? I have a concrete wall(basement) so would likely attach a 2x4 and then hook or screw it on some how?

i have seen a few plans here and at for diamond bins made from a sheet or two of plywood for much less and more durable. the chief complaint i hear from these online suppliers of wine racking is that the pine and poplar used is low grade and assembly is difficult or not durable for the intended use. $250+ is way too much i think for diamond bins.

here.s one made from recycled pallets

good thread on a diamond bin here too
i don't have either one but I don't like that the bottles touch in the diamond one but thats just me .i do believe it was Wade that put up some good directions for a nice rack he made you might want to check it out.
After I had searched several wine rack kits and contemplated numerous variations I built mine out of high grade plywood and 2 x 4's. It might not be as elaborate as some but this will never collapse, holds several hundred bottles and when empty, can be moved.

The most important thing about it is, I made it myself to hold the wine that I made myself. That's something to be proud of.
This wine rack talk brings about a question, How many bottles can you safely place upon each other? Anyone???
I made my own diamond racks from plywood. I overengineered it by using some 3/4" plywood, so it'll survive the next earthquake after the garage has fallen down around it. :)

To make them, I simply made boxes out of the plywood. Then I cut two pieces that fit in the boxes diagonally. I then used a saw to notch halfway through the middle of each so I could slide them together into an X. then I simply slid the X into the box. Below you see three boxes stacked on top of each other, the top one without the "X". I screwed them together to make one unit and bolted that to the wall. Mine are double-deep, but you could make them shallower just as easily.

Go to Sams Club website ... search for commercial wine rack ... they sell a 168 bottle chrome wine rack. I have one ... and am about to get another. Cost about $80 ... but shipping can be $30 more.

I have them in my basement ... I like them better than the wood racks I purchased because the metal racks ... sturdy commercial racks ... don't hold moisture and are easier to clean or dust
Tooth- great looking set up there, looks awesome.

Thanks for the sams club idea.. I was all for wood but those metal racks do look nice and sturdy. Do you think it will really hold 168 bottles? I saw a comment that stated it would hold less.
I bought one of these about a month ago. If you follow the directions....AND add better anchors than the little ones they send...this is high capacity

the grid is 18 x 8 for 144 bottles plus 8 more on top if you feel brave for 152 bottles, $125 free delivery.

The do not fit the liter bottles however.

My plan is to add two more shortly.

Hey my wine rack looks JUST like that IKEA one! Imagine that! The guy told me it was from William & Sonoma....hmmm. Anyway, it's sturdy. It's IKEA - if you can put the pegs in the right place, you can build it. Unfortunately, their furniture is what we call "disposable" - only lasts a few years. Something like a wine rack may last longer - we've gone through one bed and 2 dressers since we've lived together for 4 years (his brother snapped the bed in half by sitting on it....don't ask).

I personally like the look of the diamonds....I'll probably build a few myself when I need the room.... If you build it, they will come.

Best of luck!
What do you do to your Ikea furniture? LOL

We have some Ikea bookshelves and tables that we've had for years and they still look new.

I guess it depends. I've seen some stuff there that I just knew wouldn't last... but some of it is good stuff.

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